General links

Google Maps
Slashdot Geek discussion board. Overrun with the clueless these days.
Groklaw Discussion of the SCO v. IBM, SCO v. Novell and related cases.
Debian Debian Linux distribution home page.
Home of the Firefox browser and Thunderbird mail program.
On-line payment service. Beware, they're convenient but have some business practices inspired by the mob.
O'Reilly Books
O'Reilly Books, some of the best Unix reference books around.
The Jargon File
Computer geek jargon by ESR.
NWS San Diego
National Weather Service, San Diego area
SCEDCSouthern California Earthquake Data Center recent earthquakes
USGS Earthquakes CA/NV
USGS geological activity (earthquakes) for the California/Nevada area.
Mt. St. Helen's Volcanocam
Webcam monitoring the Mt. St. Helen's volcano. Shows a good picture of the mountain and crater.
Weblog site of Cory Doctorow.
Bruce Schneier
Security expert
RISKS Digest
Archive of the RISKS list
Pandora Internet Radio

Crypto++ libraryWei Dai's Crypto++ library, a good source of encryption algorithm code
The Color SpotCollection of color resources for Web development

Web comics

West Corner of the Park By Jim Groat. The antics at the central gathering spot on FurryMUCK.
Sabrina Online
Eric Schwartz's web-comic.
Girl Genius Online
Phil and Katja Foglio. Adventure, romance and Mad Science!
Schlock Mercenary

Manly Guys
Manly Guys doing Manly Things. The punchline is machismo. :)
Lady Sabre
High adventure in the Ineffable Aether.
Collected Curios
Home of the Sequential Art web-comic.
Olgaf's web comic. Funny, but extremely NSFW. You Have Been Warned.


Airship Store
The Girl Genius on-line store
BadFiction A sarcastic journal of "birther" nuttiness.