Some examples of code I've written in various languages. I'm just showing off what I can write, the real meat is written for my employers and I can't show most of it to the world. But as a software developer I firmly believe that the best way to evaluate a developer is to look at code they've designed and written. It tells you a lot about how they approach things, and whether their designs make sense or are hodge-podges of code.

  • A date class I wrote in C++, based on Julian day numbers. There are libraries with date classes in them, but I needed something that didn't have external dependencies. Nowadays it's mostly an exercise in coding style rather than anything useful, but I have it around if I need it.
  • The high-performance C++ HTTP framework I wrote. No company-specific things in it anymore. I may add back the modular dispatch logic back in at some point, but my main need is for a simple HTTP server I can use to handle URLs through C++ routines.
  • Support classes for XML parsing using the Xerces parsing library. I wanted something that'd make the common basic cases (elements, element contents, attributes on a particular element and their values) simple to write in C++, while still leaving me the option of getting hooked in at a lower level if I needed to. The DOM routines came first, the SAX later when I needed something more memory-efficient.
  • A tool for configuring quick-raid buttons in the ProfitUI interface mod for Everquest 2. Mostly this was an exercise in learning how to write a desktop GUI application in C#/.Net for Windows. I needed something with enough meat to it to need doing all the things you need in a real application, not just a classroom exercise, but also small enough to actually finish without taking months. And this happened to be a tool I needed. It's a Windows Forms application, I may try my hand at rewriting it as a Windows Presentation Foundation application as an exercise.
  • Other projects can be found on my GitHub profile.